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We foster a sustainable partnership with the growers and their communities by encouraging them to find a tangible and sustainable growth. Based on our beliefs, we carry out all our activities in compliance with the Fair Choice’s principles, which guarantee that our company is committed to sustainable development.

Eco-friendly Company

“As we progress into the 21st Century, whoever considers himself realist will have to take the environment as top priority. Our planet’s alarm has started to sound a long time ago, we need to finally awake and take action. At The Superfood Company, we deliver 100% of our orders in recyclable cardboard boxes, our bags are completely biodegradable and we use recyclable paper and materials on our catalogs, office furniture and business cards.

Alonso Hernandez Arias Schreiber / CEO of The Superfood Company

We care about our world at every level,
from farming UP TO the after - consumption

Farming and sourcing

We carefully choose every single crop and provider by studying their
farming, collecting, production methods and materials as well as their
policies with their own team members so everyone can be sure that
what we bring to the world is not only good, but good from the

At our own facilities, we guarantee the best practices that science had developed so far in terms of quality and environmental care. All our production steps are cautiously planned to minimize wastes and disposals, which are treated optimally so they can be reused or be recycled and have an entire new life after passing through our hands.
We are proud to be toxic-waste-free in all our supply chain and – furthermore - every single residue is destined to bring something else to live, weather through composting of organic residues, recycling of origin’s packaging disposals or reusing them to serve other’s needs.
Shipping and delivery
We don’t move unnecessary air inside our products. We had categorically said no to those big plastic jars that lot of brands use to sell their products because they are usually filled to just a proportion of its volume (between 50% and 80%); the rest of the volume they are selling is just AIR. This means, those companies and brands are transporting inefficiently their products, wasting and burning energy and fuel in an unnecessary way.

We just refuse to do that and, instead, we pack as compact as possible every of our products inside their own recyclable and biodegradable bags and then they -at the same time- are fitted wisely inside the boxes in which they are shipped from our facilities to the end customer.
Life after eating:
guiltless disposal
100% Sustainable Bio-degradable Packaging in all of our products
Great things for your body should be great things for the world we love+live. That’s why we minimize the possibility of plastic contamination within our orders, making them as clean as they could be for the environment so the whole virtuous cycle can start again and again with no regrets, no complains and no worries of any kind but the pleasant feeling that with The Superfood Company’s we (you and us) are doing things right.
Our state of the art
bio-degradable bags
The Superfood Company’s bags are 100% recyclable, but we all know that sometimes we cannot control all in the waste treatment process chain… Thinking in this, in case that some of them don’t reach the recycling facilities by any reason, we have made all our bags on a cutting edge environmentally friendly material that will degrade naturally after being used due to sunlight, wind and water effects. Degradation may take up 6 to 12 months and will even allow the bags to turn into clean food for fish or into healthy manure on the ground

A natural ending

Our bags will degrade naturally after its used with the effects of sunlight, wind
and water. Degradation may take 6 – 12 months and will allow the bags to turn
into natural food for fish in the sea and healthy manure on the ground.

We take care that your brand is synonymous with

Here at The Superfood Company we offer our clients making their own Brand wellknown as private label or the option to sell and distribuite our Brand which is already posisionated in different markets

100% of the paper used in our packaging is recycled or comes from a sustainable source.

We firmly believe that where focus goes energy flows, so we do not only give full support to our producers, but we walk aside them step by step, from planting through harvest, in order to bring to you these amazing Peruvian superfoods!

Farmers and collectors
Farmers and collectors
Positively impacted communities
Positively impacted communities
Directly benefited families
Directly benefited families
Peruvian regions
Peruvian regions