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Yacon root powder provides an amazingly sweet and delicious snack. Our Yacon powders are made from heirloom varieties grown in Peru and are dried using a proprietary low-temperature process to provide the highest nutritional and enzymatic quality.

A relative of the sunflower, Yacon root stands alone in its health properties. While most edible root plants store carbohydrates as starch, Yacon stores carbohydrates as fructooligosacaride (FOS). Yacon pieces contain 30-70% FOS, which has been shown to be helpful in digestion and nutrient absorption. This versatile “superfood” simply can’t be beat when you’re looking for a healthy sweet treat. Because the Yacon’s sweetness comes chiefly from fructo-olifosaccharides, compounds which the human body doesn’t absorb, it is a low-calorie and low-glycemic food.

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Product weight: 20kg

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160cm x 100cm x 180cm