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Natural ingredients, delicious snacks
We carefully select the most nutritious Peruvian superfoods and turn them into perfect snacks to eat on the go or to accompany your preparations. Choose from our nut, aguaymanto or lucuma options.
We achieve a balance between flavor and nutrition
We cover our superfoods with Peruvian cacao, to achieve a delicious snack that provides high energy and generates a feeling of satiety. We are committed to healthy and quality nutrition, so our snacks are 100% natural and free of additives, preservatives or added sugars.
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The evolution of superfoods has arrived

All the nutritional power of superfoods in a Super Snack that you can enjoy on the go.


The best for your body in a pocket version!


Recharge energies

Our Super Snacks are the best fuel for your activities. Always have them on hand and give your body the boost it needs.


Good for you, good for the planet

Clean products that only contain the essentials ;) Free of artificial additives, flavorings, preservatives and any other "ingredient" that you cannot even properly read its name. There's magic in simplicity!
Each of the inputs we work with are harvested without the use of chemical fertilizers nor pesticides. We eat healthily while minimizing the impact on ecosystems, soils and groundwater.
We certify our products and processes to guarantee quality, traceability and sustainability.
Our certifications:

- Peru Brand: Certifies the Peruvian origin of our products.
- HACCP: Safety management that guarantees food safety.
- USDA Organic: Products free of synthetic additives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes.
- Organic EU: At least 95% of agricultural origin ingredients are organic.
Our Super Snacks are perfect to give that special touch to your creations.
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28g Super Snacks
Great to share or add to your favorite bowl.
Box 16 Super Snacks
Because more is better, enjoy this megapack of Super Snacks.
20K Bulk
For those who cannot imagine a single day without their Super Snacks.

The Super Food Company

on the Ultra-Trail World Tour!


Can you imagine running for nine hours on a trail of forests and mountains? Ultramarathons are José Juan Ciccia's passion, and our Plant-Based Protein Super Blend has been an essential of his preparation. “I take them every day to get my muscles back,” says Ciccia, who recently completed the Ultra Trail Harriaca (Canada) for the third time, one of the toughest races on Earth.


The Peruvian athlete traveled 80 kilometers and achieved his best participation in the event, ranking 16 out of 174 competitors, thus adding important points on the Ultra-Trail World Tour.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Super Snacks have refined sugar?
No. All TSC products are free of refined sugar, preservatives or additives :)
What does it mean that they have 70% cacao?
That the main input has been covered with a paste that has a proportion of 70% cacao and 30% of panela and yacon, natural sweeteners that do not damage the pancreas nor affect insulin production. The flavor of pure cacao is usually very strong for most people, so this mixture creates the perfect balance.
Is the saturated fat in it bad?
No. On the contrary, as long as they are consumed in moderation, they are very good for the daily diet. Absolutely all the fats that our products contain come from vegetable inputs, so they are 100% natural.
What is the role of yacón in the Super Snacks formula?
It sweetens the product without generating the collateral damage produced, for example, by refined sugar. It is the best alternative to sweeten any meal, as it is a very healthy food.