What we do must be good for everyone

Our products feed the planet

We care about being sustainable at every stage of our business: from growing our superfoods to efficient product packaging and distribution.
Farmers and gatherers
Positive impact on communities
Families directly benefited
Regions of Peru
Our philosophy is simple, but powerful: what we do should be good for everyone. And that includes the planet :)
Peru is infinitely generous in biodiversity, yet battered by poverty and inequalities. At TSC we seek fair business trade for our entire value chain. Our vegan products are committed to food sustainability and to the work of small organic farmers in Peru's highlands and rainforest.
We take care of our product from planting to consumption

Supporting Peru and its farmers

We believe in the vital importance of farmers' well-being and the planet's food security, which is why we only work with small communities. We develop a fair and direct relationship with our suppliers and value the fruits of Peru, exporting our products under world-quality standards

100% bamboo

Reusable Bamboo Scoop
Our bamboo scoops refresh our planet and reduce poverty in a sustainable way.

Our bamboo spoons refresh our planet and reduce poverty in a sustainable way.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization says that bamboo “represents a resilient agricultural alternative, which contributes to the maintenance of ecosystems, strengthens the capacity for adaptation and mitigation in the face of climate change and extreme meteorological phenomena, and allows to progressively improve soil quality.” It is the plant of the future!

And not only that: bamboo also promotes "the development of the green economy as a tool to achieve sustainable social, economic, and environmental development." 

With so many good reasons, at The Superfood Company we use bamboo for our spoons and give the planet a helping hand. This ensures that the waste from the processing and production of our scoops can be used as a sustainable source of high-quality wood and charcoal for domestic use, or as additional income for communities.

Green Tip
Reuse our bamboo spoons to measure and serve grains, cereals, or any powdered food you have in your kitchen!
We love what we do

Bamboo is a material recognized by the United Nations for its crucial role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that this organization has proposed:

SDG 1 - End of poverty

Bamboo grows in some of the poorest communities in tropical and subtropical climates, where it gives people the opportunity to generate a sustained income to improve livelihood.

SDG 7 - Affordable and clean energy

Almost 40% of the world still depends on solid biomass for cooking and heating, putting enormous pressure on forests. Bamboo is an abundant and fast-growing renewable resource that can prevent thousands of trees from being cut down and burned.

SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

It replaces unsustainable resources used to make millions of objects, such as plastic spoons. This is how we put our grain of sand in the fight against global warming!

SDG 13 - Climate Action

They have a low or even negative carbon footprint in their life cycles, as they retain carbon in durable objects. Furthermore, bamboo helps prevent soil degradation, protecting forests from desertification.

SDG 15 - Life of terrestrial ecosystems

It is a key part of the biodiversity in which it grows: many mammals, insects, and fungi depend on bamboo to survive, including some endangered species, such as the panda bear or the large bamboo lemur.

Some species of bamboo can grow more than 1 meter per day