Conscious protein

Super Blend

Natural, organic, free of additives and preservatives... Our plant-based proteins are a blend of the most nutrient-dense superfoods that Mother Nature provides. They are the best gift for your body! Drink them on their own or add them to a shake and get a daily dose of vitality.

World-Class Protein

Without allergens

World-Class Protein

Without allergens

If we are what we eat, why not nourish ourselves with the best? Our proteins are a blend of over 11 organic superfoods, carefully selected from small farmers. The best of the land in a single product. No preservatives, no additives, no refined sugars.


Are you looking for the supplement to help you build muscle mass? Do you want the ideal complement for a healthy and balanced diet? Or do you just need a natural food that charges you with energy? Our Protein Super Blends are the answer. Eat well and live well!

Natural Power

Our Protein Super Blend is a powerful fuel that maximizes body capacity thanks to the energetic action of Andean superfoods such as maca, kiwicha, and quinoa. Enjoy their vitality in your training sessions or while facing daily challenges.


If physical activity is your thing, its complete amino acid profile is the best food to recover from strenuous workouts and for building muscle mass. It's pure vegan power! 


We're natural and that's why we use freeze-dried banana and unrefined coconut sugar as natural sweeteners, two ingredients that help you replace the glycogen consumed during long training sessions.

Nutritional table
Amino acids

Super ingredients

Hydrolyzed Yellow Pea Protein
Coconut Blossom Sugar
Black mashua
Ceylon Cinnamon
Kiwicha (Andean Amaranth)
Quinoa Salad
Sacha Inchi protein
Brown Rice Protein
Andean Pink Salt
Freeze Dried Banana
Camu camu
Camu camu
Freeze Dried Banana
Andean Pink Salt
Brown Rice Protein
Sacha Inchi protein
Quinoa Salad
Kiwicha (Andean Amaranth)
abc of ingredients

Reusable Bamboo Scoop

Our bamboo spoons help our planet and reduce poverty in a sustainable way. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization says that bamboo “represents a resilient agricultural alternative, which contributes to the maintenance of ecosystems, strengthens the capacity for adaptation and mitigation in the face of climate change and extreme meteorological phenomena, and allows to progressively improve soil quality.” It is the plant of the future!
SDG 1 - End poverty
SDG 7 - Affordable and clean energy
SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 13 - Climate Action
SDG 15 - Life of terrestrial ecosystems
Go to Sustainability

Supporting Peru and its farmers

We believe in the vital importance of farmers' well-being and the planet's food security, which is why we only work with small communities. We develop a fair and direct relationship with our suppliers and value the fruits of Peru, exporting our products under world-quality standards

We create good food for you, for others and for the planet.

Our vegan products lead to environmental sustainability and to the reduction of social gaps.

We love what we do!

Reach new levels of performance!


Take this protein before or after your exercise routine

Having your Plant-Based Protein Super Blend delivered to your home or office can quickly elevate you to hero status. Rewarding your family or colleagues can be beneficial to everyone involved. Everyone will appreciate you so much for doing something so special!




Good for you, good for the planet

Introducing our organic ancestral superfoods from the Andes and the Amazon. These were domesticated by the cultures of these regions: they knew the natural environment perfectly wells, as well as the needs of the human body. All these high-quality foods may lead to a healthy life.
Each of the ingredients we work with have been harvested without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. All of our products are free of synthetic additives and colorants.
We certify our products and processes to guarantee quality, traceability and sustainability. These are our certifications:

- Peru brand: state tool that promotes exports and the country's most outstanding initiatives
- HACCP: safety management system that guarantees food safety
- USDA Organic: North American agency that certifies products free of synthetic additives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes
- Organic EU: European agency that certifies that 95% of ingredients of agricultural origin are organic
What is the idea of ​​this box?


Doypack 500 g
+11 superfoods in a single protein with vanilla and lucuma flavor
Sachet 37 g
The most practical way to take your proteins with you wherever you go
555 g pack
15 sachets with all the power of our Protein Super Blend
20K Bulk
Contains 40 doypacks of Protein Super Blend

Frequently Asked Questions

Does protein make you fat?
All macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) have caloric intake, but the body prefers to use protein for metabolic processes such as the production of tissues and other substances. Therefore, it is unlikely that protein consumption, within a balanced diet, will lead to weight gain. An adequate intake of protein from a good source is essential for a healthy life.
How to consume protein?
Our protein is a mixture of superfoods in the form of flour, so you can drink it dissolved in water or in many other ways. Here are some ideas:

- Juices, shakes, or smoothies
- Cakes, cakes, pastries and other baked preparations
- Pancakes with fruits or cookies
- Fruit or oatmeal bowls
- Pasta like gnocchi

Choose your favorite shape and enjoy your proteins!
Can I eat protein if I don't do sports?
Of course! Our 100% plant-based protein — or rather, our superfood blend — is a source of ten essential amino acids, vitamin C, calcium, and zinc, nutrients our bodies need daily to function optimally, so - even if you don't do sports— consuming it on a daily basis will bring well-being to your life.

Consume half a dose (01 well-filled scoop) a day and receive a large proportion of the nutrients and proteins that your body needs.
Does it serve as a pre workout? When is it better to consume protein?
Yes. You can consume your protein before and / or after training. During the morning is the best time to consume it, as your body is better prepared to assimilate all the amino acids and nutrients.
How Much Protein Should I Consume?
With regard to our product, if you are not an active athlete we recommend half a dose (01 well-filled scoop). On the contrary, if you are an active athlete, take a full dose (02 well filled scoops).

It is important to bear in mind that the adequate daily protein consumption varies according to each person, as it depends on the texture, weight and routine, among other factors. To learn more about it, we recommend talking to a nutritionist.
How is protein preserved if it has no preservatives or preservatives?
Our protein is a mixture of dehydrated and pulverized inputs. By having a minimum percentage of water, it can be properly preserved for longer, as long as it is preserved sealed, unopened. However, don't forget that our product has an expiration date; We recommend you check this date on the packaging, prior to any purchase. Another measure that allows us to properly preserve our product is the incorporation of dehumidifiers (safe and suitable for human consumption) within the packaging. This way we avoid the absorption of water once opened.

Using preservatives and preservatives we could extend the shelf life of the product, but we would lose the 100% natural essence of our mixture. For this reason, at TSC we never use this type of input.
Does protein really taste like lucuma and vanilla?
We use 100% vanilla bean and powdered lucuma, although the flavor of the product is really the one that arises from the combination of all the superfoods it contains. The flavor of kion also stands out, for example. On the other hand, it depends a lot on the perception of each person. Today's market has sold us artificial flavors as original flavors for many years. At TSC we know the fields and the small farmers who provide us with these powerful and unique inputs, so you can rest easy, because what you consume is authentic.
Is protein easily digestible?
Yes. Our protein is a 100% plant-based product, without preservatives, preservatives or refined sugars. In addition, as it does not have animal inputs, it is free of lactose, antibiotics, hormones, toxins and bacteria. It is also gluten and nut free. Everyone can consume it without problems!
What does it mean that the protein has a "complete amino acid profile"?
It means that it contains the ten essential amino acids that the body needs every day. Our body can generate the vast majority of the amino acids that we require, except for ten that can only be obtained through food; they are called essential. Our protein has these ten essential amino acids, and in large proportions! This is how we make sure you have what you need, wherever you are.
Is protein a substitute for meat?
From a nutritional point of view, of course it is. Meat is a moderate source of protein, but very poor in other nutrients. That is why it is very easy to replace it not only with our protein, but with vegetable inputs that are high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals (the list is long and includes foods such as sweet potatoes, kale, various beans and broccoli).

At TSC we recommend reducing the consumption of animal meat for three compelling reasons: your health, the sustainability of the planet and the welfare of animals.