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The Castaño Tree Route

My name is German Roz, a Peruvian chef and nutritionist.

For several years now, I have been experimenting with different Peruvian superfoods both personally and to my patients. Anyone combining their diet with superfoods will have a better performance. This is due to the large amount of vitamins and minerals they provide. As a chef and nutritionist, I always prescribe them in different preparations.

Two issues about superfoods I have always considered important: Firstly, that its origin must be organic; and secondly, the farmer and if the product has been purchased to him fairly.

Each Peruvian region has a different climate and farming soils, which makes this country so diverse and varied. This same diversity provides superfoods an incredible concentration of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Finally, carrying these superfoods in your pantry is like having a pharmacy inside your home. A pharmacy that adds flavor [quality] to our food.