Camu camu, is a sour berry, similar to cherry in color. It’s native to the Amazon rainforest but has gained popularity worldwide due to its many purported health benefits.

Camu camu is considered a superfood mainly due to a high content of certain nutrients and powerful plant compounds, including vitamin C.

Camu Camu
Camu Camu

The most interesting benefits of camu camu include its ability to aid in weight loss, boost the immune system, protect against liver injuries and chronic diseases, and reduce inflammation. Camu camu is also good for reducing mood swings, promoting eye health, improving sexual health, and preventing cognitive disorders.

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    Uses and applications

    Drinks, Smoothies, Fruit/vegetable salads, baked good


    Contains these Minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, iron, and other minerals in less quantity.
    Contains these Vitamins: Vitamin C, A, niacin, thiamine, and carotene.

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