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It's time for us to be grateful for what Mother Nature gives us so generously.

The Superfood Company is the result of the search for the most diverse, delicious and nutrient-dense superfoods from the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. On our way to bring them to the world, we make sure to maintain almost untouched all the properties and nutrients that they bear in their natural state by means of the best technics and methods that science develops, so we are always in the cutting edge of what you could get in your daily meals and snacks.

We take extreme care on all the supply chain, from farming and recollecting through shipping to our customers worldwide, while keeping our own processing line with the best and most advanced ecofriendly technology. We make things well so everybody can get the best!

At The Superfood Company, we love working hand-to-hand with the farmers and their communities, empowering them so they can also get the most from the superfoods they produce. This is only possible by supporting them on developing their farming and organizational skills to the highest level. We are convinced that good relationships allow high-quality superfoods to reach you the best way possible.

Furthermore, The Superfood Company is searching throughout the Globe for the highest-quality organic superfoods that complements our blends and other products, so you can get the greatest nutritional and taste synergies that will keep you healthy and give you the ideal support for your active lifestyle.

Countries served
Countries served
Super products
Super products

Our team

We are proud of being a highly skilled and diversified team: nutritionists, gastronomists, engineers, communicators, business managers and many more, working all together to make sure that we succeed on keeping and improving The Superfood Company’s promise that you can find in all we do and communicate.

A combination of young talent and years of proved expertise brings us with fresh, outstanding and strong market proposals that satisfy all our stakeholders’ expectations. We really know what we are doing and we love what we do!

Thanks for choosing our super-products and contribute to make this the reality we want for our beloved world. It’s time for us to be grateful for what Mother Nature gives us so generously. We invite you to visit our sustainability section and see how we are doing things right, and keep in mind that when saying ‘we’, you are a very important part in all we do.