3 Superfoods You Need to Know About Now!
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Superfoods are well known for their health benefits due to their amazing properties. Superfoods are backed by research for their nutritious value, their ability to fight disease and even slow the normal aging process! But remember: It is important to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and dairy products. Adding superfoods to your diet is a great idea for those seeking to boost optimum health. Here we share with you 5 superfoods that will let you know more.

Maca: The Incas referred to it as a present from the Gods for its nutritional and energetic values. Today it is known that Maca Powder contains 20 different amino acids that will provide you with that extra boost you need for the day. Maca provides high energy levels, hormone balance and it´s an overall health booster. Its an important source of Copper, Iron and Manganese. Try maca powder on a daily basis and see by yourself the energy boosts you get throughout the day!

Cacao: This superfood is not only amazing but it also is the mother of all chocolates, so if you like chocolate, try cacao to experience by yourself what we are talking about. This amazing Superfood contains an important source of Fiber and Iron. Also has essential minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, Selenium and Zinc. You can take it at any time of the day, you can add it on your smoothie, fruit or vegetable salad or on a dessert. The choice to be made its yours!

Roasted Sacha Inchi Seeds: This is known as the nut of the Incas. This climbing shrub plant has been eaten by the native people of the Amazon for centuries. Unsalted or lightly salted, roasted Sacha Inchi Seeds is a great tasting, Super Snacks that can be mixed with other seeds, nuts or dried fruits. Keep in mind that this delicious snack is the only seed in the word that contains Omega 3, 6 and 9. Try it as a snack or complement a salad with some roasted Sacha Inchi Seeds. It will not only taste better, it will be better!